Celebrate Longchenpa Sadhana with Ratna Ling and Nyingma Community!

"...how can we return to the wholeness of our being?  As these questions become more meaningful, we discover that Longchenpa gives us the answers we seek at the level we presently occupy. [And] he implores us to do it straight away."
-- Tarthang Tulku, Introduction to
 Now that I Come to Die

Saturday Jan 26, 2013 or Sunday Jan 27 2013
Call 1: 0100 California, 0900 UK, 1000 EU
Call 2: 0300 California, 0800 Buenos Aires, 0900 Brazil, 

One hour and 30 minutes webinar

Join in receiving the blessings of Longchenpa at this special time of year, when Nyingma centers around the world chant continuously for four days straight. This ceremony commemorates Longchenpa's parinirvana, celebrates his amazing achievements, and offers appreciation for the wealth of knowledge he left us to show us the way to enlightenment.
  • Reading of Now that I Come to Die 
  • Chanting Longchenpa prayer 108x 
A piece of paper with your name or the name of a designated loved one will be placed in a special bowl on the altar for the duration of the ceremony.

Suggested donation: $27

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