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World Peace Ceremony

World Peace CeremonyI

n 1989, Tarthang Tulku (known as Rinpoche to his students) undertook an extraordinary initiative by organizing and sponsoring the first World Peace ceremony in Bodh Gaya, India, the spot where over 2,500 years ago the Buddha attained enlightenment. In this sacred place the world peace ceremony, called Monlam Chenmo, grew into a yearly event.

Over twenty-thousand people attend the Monlam Chenmo ceremony annually. At the ceremony, the sacred texts that have been produced by dozens of volunteers in Northern California are distributed gratis to about seven thousand exiled monks and nuns, and ten thousand lay people. Additionally, more than 3,300 monasteries and educational institutes receive copies of the sutras and sastras. These institutes contain libraries that service about seventy thousand people. The goal is for the texts to reach as many people as possible. Never before has a similar text project been undertaken on such a large and structured scale.