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Library of Tibetan Texts

Library of Tibetan Texts for sacred Buddhist books

For over 2,500 years, the Dharma teachings have uplifted all civilizations that came in contact with their beauty, inspiring art, compassionate, peaceful action, natural harmony, and deep love of knowledge. Guiding individuals who aimed to awaken the full potential of human being, the texts and their teaching lineages opened the path of liberation for countless beings.

Tibet, the Land of Snow, played a special role in this transmission. Tibet housed the largest collection of Dharma texts of any Buddhist land. While the Dharma declined across most of Asia, century by century, Tibet safeguarded the living spirit of Enlightenment for fourteen hundred years.

Almost sixty years ago, the forces of aggression, confusion, and greed gravely endangered the transmission of the Tibetan Dharma. The exodus resulting from decades of destruction had one great blessing. It made our civilization's treasures available to the rest of the world.

If as a result the survival of the tradition can be assured, humanity might reap untold benefit from Tibet's tragedy. The light of Dharma could transform the suffering and dark despair, the meaninglessness and chaos that increasingly oppress individuals and societies.

To support the continuity of Tibet's ancient tradition and offer it to the next generations, the Yeshe De Project has distributed, completely free of charge, more than one million Dharma books to individuals, libraries, monastic colleges, monasteries, retreat centers, nunneries, and settlements-more than 3,300 centers in India, Sikkim, Nepal, Bhutan, Ladakh, and Tibet.

The magnitude of this ongoing distribution, which is probably unique in history, seems nearly impossible, considering our limited resources and knowledge. However, our full-hearted engagement and vigorous effort over a long period of time, together with the blessings of the lineage, have somehow led to this success.

Working for the higher purpose of preserving the wisdom of the East, we enjoy the challenge of applying the technology of the West.

And we have the satisfaction of knowing that every book we print has the power to bring clarity, peace, joy, and love into the world. We hope these scriptures endure for a long time to come.

Those who would like to join in this deeply meaningful work are more than welcome. We need people with proficiency in the Tibetan language, as well as people who are willing to offer their technical expertise in typesetting, printing, and binding.

If you would like to perfect your skills, or to learn new ones, working intensively for a year with us will surely increase your level of mastery.

Another way to support this project is to contribute your financial support, for we have few large sponsors and no government grants.

We rely mostly on the funds we raise among our own organizations.

From year to year, we are unsure how much longer we will be able to continue, for at the end of every year, our resources are stretched to the breaking point.

But the beauty of the Dharma is irresistible and the need urgent, and so we go to great lengths to print as much as we possibly can.

Please know that your support will make a truly significant difference. In return, I assure you that your contribution will not be wasted. It will flow into a stream of merit that will never be lost until all beings reach Enlightenment. Such is the power of the Dharma, and I wish you every opportunity to connect with this blessing.Tarthang Tulku, founder of Dharma Publishing and the Adopt a Book program

Tarthang Kunga Gellek
Director of the Yeshe De Project


To date: 335 Volumes, 1,977 titles and 206 authors.